Welcome to Winning the Race: Performance Tuning for Learning and Teaching

. . . a series of online open courses sponsored by United Star Distance Learning Consortium (USDLC)

“My class always has trouble with this.”

Whether it’s fourth grade or graduate school, every teacher can predict bottlenecks that slow down learning. Inspired by the “Decoding the Disciplines” work of Pace and Middendorf at Indiana University, we’re creating an opportunity to identify some common bottlenecks while sharing a process that every teacher can use to identify their specific bottlenecks and begin to tune performance.

Over the schoolyear, we’ll focus on a few of the major bottlenecks that seem to be slowing the learning down. We'll organize an online open course for each designed to help us create solutions. To learn more about how these online open courses work . . . .

View a brief video introduction and overview of the Winning the Race online open course process.

First bottleneck: Copyright and Fair Use