Consider these courses an invitation to try out some new tools. The beauty of participating in the communities that form around each bottleneck is that you have a shared interest and can enjoy finding and creating resources to share. If you've wanted to try blogging but would feel lost on the Web, then it a try with a ready-made small community. Can't see the attraction of Twitter? Now is a good time to try it out and see if it holds any value for you and your personal learning environment.

DiRT (Digital Research Tools) is a thoughtful gift from research librarians who have provided some helpful tools and categorized them by type. You'll find several blogging tools recommended. And under "Communication Tool" you'll find Twitter.

This is a good opportunity to give Twitter a try if you've been standing back from the crowd. Simply set up an account and send a message including the hashtag for the course. For example, the first course "Copyright Remix" would be #CopyrightRemix4Educators. Who knew the # sign was also called "hash"? So be sure to add the hash or # sign to the course tag. Learn more about using Twitter . . .

Second Life will serve as our real-time meeting tool. Learn all about it and the UStream option under Real-Time Sessions.